Ever heard of a place where you can shop the second you are done eating? Thankfully, Abe and Mary’s, located on Jean Talon Street, is able to offer you that! You can chose what to do first but I personally love getting a fresh salad at the café.

What I Usually Get

My usual order is the full kale salad. I top it with breaded chicken, tomatoes, beets, hearts of palms, corn and avocado.  It is so good. I greatly recommend to anyone who loves kale as much as I do!

What is so awesome about this place is that before paying, there are always cakes and little pieces of sweets topped with Nutella at the cashier. It is pretty hard not taking one even if you ordered a healthy and green salad. The service is so amazing, your salad will be ready in a matter of five minutes and they will then bring it to you as you are sitting.

All the salads have the most amazing combination and the toppings there are in front of you are endless, something I love about this place. And so when you are done eating, don’t forget to pass by the store section and get things for your home.

Home Decor

Abe and Mary’s have the coolest decorations and home decors. From scented candles to trendy books to put up in your living room. This is seriously the place I want to shop at once I have my own apartment! I just want everything ah! The soaps, creams, towels and room sprays are things I prefer most and if I could get everything here, I would. Hopefully, you get your bags full of these babies! Just like it it is written on the wall of the store, in the picture above, it is totally the ”coup de coeur” at Abe and Mary’s.

Enjoy the most amazing salad guys!

4175 Rue Jean Talon O, Montreal