New York City has always been and will always be my favourite city no matter how hot or cold it gets! I couldn’t be more happy to be in New York right now and since I’m only staying four short days, I am making the best of it!

After I landed, I hopped in one of the classic orange cabs and headed to By Chloe. A vegan lunch place that really sounded too good to be true. Right on Bleecker Street, the restaurant also has a Sweets shop right next to it. If you’re craving something sweet after a healthy lunch, lucky you!

The Food

The kale caesar salad was exactly what I was looking for this lunch, it had tomatoes, avocado, kale and another kind of lettuce with fake bacon bites and maple flavoured croutons, yum or what?

The pressed juice I got was the best juice I’ve ever had in a long time! The cayenne pepper made it spicy but I’m so into those drinks that are used to clean out and detox your intestines. If you’re into funky and good vibes for lunch time, definitely chose By Chloe. As you can see below, they don’t only have salads but veggie burgers, chilli fries and some other delicious stuff!

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185 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012