The 50 Dollars TV

Picture this. Olga and I looking to buy a TV. We have two options: go to Best Buy or look for a second hand one. And as every student on a budget would do, it is to look for a second hand one.

After days and days of searching, we stopped looking. And since nature does its job, the TV offer came to us on the most random day. It not only a 50 dollars TV but also being sold in our residence. Only an elevator away! “Great” we thought!

You all should be aware that Olga and I have not been having the best of luck out there. Since we moved in, some things have not been going our way. However, as every 20 something girls would do, we made the best of it. each. time. 

Ready to get our Second Hand TV

We left our apartment, ready to bring back that television home. The TV was on the 15th floor. So we took the elevator to that floor only to realize the apartment number was nowhere to be found. We looked at each other laughing hysterically like this must be some kind of joke. There is a second residence of the same name on the block behind us. So I told Olga it must be there, duh! 

So here we were, outside, in the pouring rain, running to the other residence to get our almost-free TV. Once there, they told us no one with that name lives there. Now not only we were confused, but we just looked dumb.

After walking back to our residence under the rain, I told Olga probably didn’t see the numbers right back on the 15th floor. So back up we went. Here we were, again, on the 15th floor with no apartment number from what the girl told us. I really thought this was a Harry Potter moment. We would have to run across the wall to get to that not existent apartment!

Then we went back down to the lobby and realized her apartment was situated on the right wing and not the left. We knocked on her door, got the TV and told her we got lost coming. And right when we thought getting help from a neighbour would help… it got us lost even more, except this time we were holding a TV in our hands.

She told us that if we went up to the 16th floor, we would get back to our floor through metallic doors without having to go down to the lobby and changing wings. Suuuuuure thing! We got to the 16th floor, walked across the doors, got into the elevator… and the elevator didn’t have our floor number to press on!

This was Getting Comic

At this point, we were crying of laughter because this was getting comic. I told Olga let’s go back down to the lobby and just walk to the other side and take our regular elevators. So we pressed L, and when the doors opened, we found ourselves in the middle of the trash and garbage. I gave the TV to Olga cause I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even hold it at this point.

Sure we got a TV for cheap, but the girl who sold it to us sure did not have a good sense of orientation. So back up we went on the 16th floor, across the metallic door, back down to the 15th floor and then took the elevators down to the lobby. As soon as we saw the front desk, we both screamed of relief: WE MADE IT, WE KNEW WHERE WE WERE.

We got home that day with mascara on our cheeks from laughing so much but also with a gorgeous Samsung TV!