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In Tel Aviv, the second you walk out of your door, the energy and the dynamism of everyone going to breakfast is the only thing you will be able to see.

Either it is a calm Sunday or a crazy Tuesday morning, you will always find plenty of people running to get their ice coffees or running errands. It really is unthinkable to understand how much life there is to this city. The city really offers you anything you want, you can find the coolest restaurants, bars, places to visit and to stay at. I took these pictures in the bus and I couldn’t help myself but share them with you guys to show you Tel Aviv streets in its natural habitat. It really is uncommon that the streets are empty just as you can see above but I had the chance to capture the pictures without the place being too crowded which is shocking. What are your thoughts about Tel Aviv? I want to hear it all!

What I think is best to wear when spending a day in Tel Aviv is a simple shirt and shorts since it is so hot and there is SO much to see! All year long, you will be busy visiting new places and cool restaurants so keep a jacket in your sweater in case and do not wear shoes you will get blisters in. When I spent a Sunday visiting and running errands in Tel Aviv in March, I wore a simple black shirt topped with a simple velvet jean jacket, jeans and my black Stan Smith that are so comfortable РI could walk in them forever. I took my favourite red Goyard bag, it is so big I could fit anything in there and paired my entire outfit with a cool black chocker as you can see below. It was really the perfect outfit for this spring day.



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