This week, I am getting personal. Read it or not, I hope this message will make people that are on-the-go like me think twice about what they do!

Picture by Fabiana Kocubey

I just thought that this story will help people not make the same mistake as me. I’m kind of exaggerating. I didn’t really do a mistake. I just want to speak to you guys about how important it is to take it easy sometimes.

First of all, for those who know me personally, you must KNOW for a fact that I am just never bored. One of my friends even said that I am the second busiest person she knows; the first one being my web designer ha! I always am on-the-go and will never just sit down during the day. It’s just who I am! I can’t change that! I always need to be doing something no matter where I am. As good as it may be to be busy, sometimes it’s just too much.

If you’ve been following my Instagram @brandtravels – you must know how busy I am.

I live in Tel Aviv. Study in Herzliya and work in Jerusalem. Apart from that, I also need to maintain a good social life with my friends, my classmates, my boyfriend and family. In addition, I work on my blog twenty-four seven. I can never sleep in and I will always wake up at 7 and be good with 6 hours of sleep. Some of you will laugh and say: “that’s nothing. I have more school and work hours. I am busier”. The point of this blog post is not to be comparing my busy life to other’s busy life. Everyone is busy in their own way. My point is that you all should know when to stop and take a step back.

For the past 10 days now, I’ve been sick. Don’t worry guys! JUST a cold ha! But once again, it’s been TEN DAYS! I usually get a little cold during season change but nothing terrible. This time, it has come to my ears being blocked, a stuffy nose, headaches, and coughing non stop. This was literally a wake up call. I needed to rest and take it easy.

I only stayed in bed the first day and then continued with my daily activities but it only became worst. I cancelled my pilates class, I missed school, skipped some nights out with my friends and more.

Take It Easy

All this to say, I just think that it’s not worth it pushing your body. Sometimes, you just have to stop a second and relax. Stay at home, in bed, in pyjamas, read a book, watch a show, and just learn how to say no to things you think will make you tired. Just take it easy.

Your body talks to you. I was too stupid to listen. But maybe you guys won’t be!

This post is literally dedicated to all people who are like me: BUSY,BUSY,BUSY (in their own way).

It’s crazy a stupid cold made me write this blog post. I should have done this a long time ago!

Thanks for stopping by today, xx