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Even if you are feeling tired after a day at the beach, going home and missing an Israeli sunset would be a huge mistake. Painters take out your canvas and photographers take out your cameras because as the sun goes down, the most beautiful colours will appear all over the place. From a flashy orange to a warm pink sky, you will start feeling the cold but refreshing air of Israel right away, except in summer when it is always hot of course. The sunset here is really the best part of my day and even though I am a morning person, I love watching the sun go down. And if you thought everyone’s energy stopped because it is getting dark out, you are mistaken because as the sun goes down, people go home to get ready for their crazy nights. This country really brings out life to everyone every second of the day!

And if you are brave enough to wake up early in the morning, don’t miss out on the sunrise too, you won’t regret it.

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