Blue. Orange. Pink. Coral. Sunset Colours. These are all the colours we see when we look above in the sky before it gets dark out. As you can also see, it’s the colours I decided to wear on a good night out in Montreal.

You can never be sure about the weather here so going outside to feel the fresh air is a good idea before deciding what to wear. I sometimes change maybe four times before getting the perfect outfit where I won’t be too hot or too cold.

The Outfit

Montreal’s Sunset


As you can see right above, the sunset in Montreal could be extraordinary from times to times. Yesterday night was pretty amazing, with really cool colours and clouds. Tonight, I decided to wear these trousers I got from Zara that have the exact same tones as the sunset here. They are SO comfy.  I felt like I was wearing stylish PJS. I paired the trousers with a lace cute navy crop top from Zara as well that really was perfect with the pants since they are so high waisted. The outfit wouldn’t be complete without my favourite rose pastel Adidas. After gathering my keys and lipstick, I grabbed my Goyard navy clutch and put everything inside.

I truly think that to have a good night, you need to be wearing what you feel most comfortable in and that’s exactly what I did !