The Story of the Suede Jacket

On my last trip to New York City, I walked into Free People. The store isn’t opened in Montreal yet unfortunately! I found this beautiful suede vest. I decided not to take it since I didn’t need it. Except that on my last day, I walked into the store again and saw there was only one of the vest exactly my size, it was meant to be I guess! I got it and couldn’t be happier with it.

April in Montreal means rain, snow, hail, sun and more rain slash no one knows if they should wear something warm or not.

This vest is perfect for the in-between season since the suede keeps it warm and thick while the transparent sleeves gives it a spring and summer touch. With jeans or shorts, this piece will always look stylish with its pink and those floral sleeves details, which is why I can’t wait for the next sunny months!

I know it will be harder to wear in Israel. I will definitely keep it in my closet in case. Worst comes to worst, I’ll wear it again in Montreal since the weather is so bipolar there!

Below are some of the my fave shots I got, xx.