A stroll in Paris' 4th Arrondissement


Street Art in Paris

Street Art in Paris? It just seemed so weird to me! But, Paris has become more modern this way!

I never thought Paris and street art combined would be such a pleasant thing to look at! I mean, seriously! When you think about Paris, and SEE Paris, it is so chic, refined and the only art we see is at Le Louvre or Le Musée D’Orsay. Well, this time when I was strolling in the 4th arrondissement, I was surprised to see that Paris could also be a bit grungy and have walls painted of every colour and cool modern art. Even the museums have been more modern!

What do you think of this kind of art in a city where the architecture is ancient? I think it blends it super cool together! I actually went back to Paris last March and there were even MORE art on the walls! It is surreal to see my hometown changing every year that I travel there. Don’t get me wrong, this street art is really my favorite thing! But what do you guys think?

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Have you seen some of this art around?