From strawberry jam to fresh goat cheese

Jams and Honey at the Stowe’s Farmer Market

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Stowe’s Famer Market is a dream.

If you ask me if I rather get food in a supermarket or at an open air market, the answer is simple, market it is! What else is better than shopping for fresh harvested ingredient in fresh air? Nothing. Picking fruits and vegetables at this farmer’s market in Stowe was probably the best part of my day; everything smelled so good, the sellers were so nice and the atmosphere was super fun.

My dog, Sugus, was so happy and excited to be there too! All he did was smell everything and of course, wanting to eat all the food there. It was fascinating to see him in such an environment.

There were about three booth of jams which all looked delicious. All the different kinds they had made me want to get all of it, especially cause of the cute tissue they added on top of the jar. If you look closely above, you will fall in love with it as well, look at these bows!

Thanks for stopping by today, hope you all enjoy farmer’s market as much as I do. Xx

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