Explore how outstanding a day at the Rogers Cup could be.

Presented by the National Bank, Rogers Cup has been one of the known professional tennis tournament since 1881. Every year, my dad has the great instinct to get the series tickets, so games day and night for a week, and I always have the best smile when I go.

Today was 31 degrees in Montreal, no clouds, big and bright sun. Not only I watched two superb games but I also got home really tanned. The games were so intense, you never realize how overpowering they could get until you are sitting in front of one.


I decided to wear a simple summer dress since it was so hot! I went with my coral one that has lace flowers at the bottom of it.  The shoulders as you can see below. When I walked in Rogers Cup, a booth were giving out Revlon lipstick and I got the darkest one since it has the same tone as the dress I was wearing!

I also got orange and lemon Perrier to stay hydrated in between the games I was watching; it was great! Lastly, as you can see below, I took a picture sponsored by travel agency border because the girls behind that booth said I could win two free tickets to Jamaica for a week! Wasn’t going to say no to that; I felt lucky to be honest!

Today was an extraordinary day, if you get the chance to see a tennis game, don’t hesitate to go as you will have such a good day with a good atmosphere all around you.

 Stade Uniprix, 285 Rue Gary-Carter, Montreal, Québec H2R 2W1