24 Hours in Milan

Have you guys gone to Milan already?

During my one week trip to Switzerland, my family and I decided to head over there for a day. It was only a three hour train ride! So worth it!

The Duomo

I’ve always seen the famous duomo on pictures and videos of Fashion Week in this city but being in front of it was really unreal. It felt like a dream. Everyone in Milan was chic, wearing the latest trends and coolest pieces of clothing; I loved everything about it.

We passed by some of the fanciest stores and even though I didn’t purchase anything, I walked in all of them. The window displays were unbelievable.

All the coffee places we entered were truly the best Italian experience and asking for an espresso never felt so good!

We spent the day eating, shopping and visiting. Since we went during Christmas, there were Christmas markets all around the main place and other streets; perfect timing isn’t it?

Make sure to stay tuned because my next posts will be on the BEST known restaurant and crazy window displays I passed by. It was all unreal, I want to go back already!

Hope everyone is having a good day, xx