Somewhere New: Weekend in Washington

A month ago, one of my close friend came to visit New York City for a weekend. Since he does an exchange in Washington, he told me to get bus tickets to come visit him in a month. And here I am, writing this blog post in Washington, DC! A weekend in Washington is all that’s needed when you live in the city. It is so nice to be surrounded with nature, the colors of autumn, and a less hectic and noisy atmosphere. I feel like i’m on a completely different planet; it is surreal!

On the bus here, I was sitting next to a woman from Colombia and we spoke about everything and anything. She had just traveled to the States for the first time in her life. And now was making her way to DC too. Life is so unexpected guys. Sometimes, you just cross path with a person who you can never forget about! It could be for five minutes or for four hours on a bus, but you know you’ve met someone special somehow. I told this girl about how it is to grow up in Montreal, she told me the same about Colombia. We spoke about past relationships, what we want to do in life and more. We also spoke about disconnecting from all social media and how good it actually feels. I guess I should try to do that more often.

It was just nice to learn about someone else’s culture, lifestyle, and mindset rather than my own. Even if it was for so short.

Just Say Hi

I guess my point is that, wherever you are in this world, be open to start a conversation with a complete stranger. If you are waiting at a bus stop somewhere, if you are in line at a restaurant, or in a four hour bus for a weekend in Washington like me, you never know who you can cross path with. Be sure to smile, to say hi, to ask where they are from and what are they up to now.

Who knows, maybe my next trip will be to Colombia?

Happy you guys stopped by today and happy Thursday, xx