Art Life in Jerusalem

I used to think of Jerusalem as the most religious city in Israel and don’t get me wrong, it really is, but there is so much behind it that makes it even more magical. I would love to write to you all about all the history of this city. I’m sure you guys can do your research online though! This blog post is definitely focusing on Jerusalem and the art that surrounds it.

First, you will never walk by somewhere without seeing a mosaic, art or some kind of cool graffiti in the streets. Even the house numbers are made with the most perfect mosaic and art touch. You will come across men who stand up to play music on electric poles and damn, they make a lot of money from it! You will stumble across the most amazing people, architecture and of course, food and drinks!

If you haven’t been to Jerusalem yet, my advice to you is to stroll the entire old city by foot. Don’t forget to visit the hidden gems of this city and of course, the Western Wall. Stay tuned for my next post on that special place.

Thanks for stopping by today, xx

Jerusalem, Israel