Sleepless on the Island of Capri… Literally

I know what you guys are thinking. Sleepless on the Island of Capri, she probably did sleep. I did not. Just wait for it.

img_0072img_0013img_0031img_0044img_0048img_0054img_0069If you read my last article, you should know that after going to the Island of Capri for the afternoon, we missed our ferry. We had no place to stay and no hotels booked. Capri is one beautiful place where the most chic boutiques and people come to. And there we were not… not clean and only wearing our beach outfits.

We Missed our Ferry…Oops

And as we were getting hungry and the sun was going down, people started to get dressed nicely for dinner… like really nice. Compared to us of course, it wasn’t hard to beat! The four of us were so gross from the long day we had on boats, ferries and visiting. All of us had dinner with our wet bathing suits, a Polaroid camera and our soon-to-die phones.

Laughers was coming out from our mouth as we talked about the night we were going to spend. We didn’t realize the laughter would soon turn into us being too tired to even open our eyes. Even in the middle of the July, with no sun outside and a bit of wind, we were chilly. And by chilly I mean SO COLD! How were we supposed to know it was this cold on the Island of Capri? We desperately went into all the hotels and asked if they had a room for us because we ”missed” our boats and we had no place to stay for the night… no luck!

At around 2 am we decided to sneak in into the pool of the Holiday Inn and to sleep there on the chairs they had. It was HILARIOUS. Every time we heard a little noise which was probably a cat walking by, we all woke up and looked at each other. Let’s just say it wasn’t the most peaceful nights.

At around 6 am, I opened my eyes and finally saw the sunrise. I woke up everyone. We all headed to a café that opened super early. Exhausted isn’t the word. The bags under our eyes were so obvious!

Funniest Night in Capri

This will truly be the funniest night and my best memory of my trip to Italy! See you again Island of Capri. This time sleeping a hotel room I hope.

PS: the pictures are in the order of our day/night/morning there. First up, the night before, then the sunset and the 6 AM picture with a sunrise and the sky full of fog.

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