Eiffel Tower

I usually don’t often to visit the Eiffel Tower, since I did that quite a lot as a kid. However, what I do is go to the Trocadero and walk around to see the most beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower! It’s so impressive to see how small it is from far, then how much bigger it gets as you get closer. Also, there are elevators but honestly, going up by stairs is SO MUCH FUN! What would you guys do? I have a memory of going it up by stairs and it was hilarious! Except for the fact that I couldn’t walk the next day!

Few tips when going to the Trocadero:

  1. Make sure to keep your belongings close to you and your bags CLOSED. A lot of people try to pick pocket your things and they are really professionals.
  2. Go there with your phone fully charged to get cool pics of the surrounding!
  3. All the people playing games there will ask you to come watch it or play, don’t even turn your head and just walk straight, it’s all a lie! (Not trying to scare anyone but you’ll just end up losing your money)
  4. HAVE FUN! The Trocadero place is the most beautiful neighbourhood and the coffee shops all around are worth sitting at to drink tea or coffee.

What are your thoughts on Paris? Xx