Until Next Time, See you Around Stowe

Writing the last blog post of my vacation is always my worst post to write, JK, I obviously still love sharing with you guys the cool things I saw. And so, for this post, I decided to show you a bit of the cool food I ate and the cool stuff I saw in the streets. I kept saying how Stowe is all about nature but in it’s tiny little city, there are actually cars and all ha!

Before you guys start scrolling down to these pics below, stay tuned for my journey to Cannes with a day layover in Zurich! Flying out there after tomorrow and can’t wait to share this journey with you all, xx.


I really regret not getting one of these dolls so I think I’m going to head up on their website and get one online BYE

IMG_5841IMG_5719IMG_5706IMG_5561IMG_5563IMG_5653 (1)

Doesn’t that look all yummy?

To finish off, here is a picture of me doing a sort of yoga pose, at least I think it’s one, because the best part of this trip was that somehow I really connected 100 with nature and 0 with technology.