Leaving New York City is so hard…

See You Soon





Because every unforgettable trip obviously come to an end, this is when I say bye bye New York City, you’ve been amazing!

Either you’re walking Midtown or Downtown, strolling in the Greenwich Village or looking at beautiful Upper East Side, you will never be bored in New York City.

There will always be something to do or to eat (I’d probably gain 10 pounds if I was living here) and so much to see that the list is endless.

Manhattan and Brooklyn will truly always be my favourite but I am looking forward to visit other next door neighbourhood such as New Jersey, Queens and the City Island.

Apart from the food and restaurants I talk too much about, the museums, art, fashion, architecture was the most interesting thing and the pictures I uploaded will never quite be the same as when you see it in front of your eyes, but it is still a good glimpse of what I saw.  The Empire States, the Statue of Liberty, the MET and Central Parc are really the must when visiting New York and even though there will be quite a line, I suggest you to stay in it to see these places, you won’t regret it.

I will miss the countless skyscraper, and people rushing only to go get the newspaper and the tons of noise there is outside but I’ll be back New York!


Would love to hear about your experience in New York City, leave a comment below.