Are you terrified of sharks and the deep blue? Yup, so am I!

Last week, I faced my fear of jumping into the wide ocean… twice.

About Sea Gal

Renting a boat in Israel may seem easy since there are many ports and boats all around. Getting a trusty company is the hard part. Thankfully, my friend recommended Sea Gal to me and I waspleased with their excellent service and boat conditions. I will definitely sail with Sea Gal again!

If you will plan a phone call, make sure to speak to Shir. She was caring and patient. She made sure I would have the best possible boat. We had some problems with the number of people and she made sure to accommodate us perfectly. As for the skipper, he was ridiculously fun but serious at the same time which I loved!

Ready for the Sea?

Hungry? You can bring any food you want! Thirsty? Cocktails and wine is allowed too!

Sea Gal really made me spend two amazing days on two different kinds of boats. Make sure to bring sun screen, a hat, sunnies and of course, your cameras! You wouldn’t want to miss out on pictures on such a beautiful day! The sea is beyond spectacular, trust me!

Last but not least, swimming while the boat is stopped is fun but watch out for JELLY FISH!

I am traveling to Eilat for the weekend and will be back with some blog posts of the delicious restaurants I went to, stay tuned! xx

מרינה וילג’, Yordei Yam St 1, Hertsliya, 4676401