Going on a three day weekend in Eilat could be pretty exciting. Lucky for my brother and I, we were SUPER excited since I booked a diving with dolphins during our stay there.

The Dolphins

Eilat is a pretty small city in the deep South of Israel. It could get very hot, such as 44C degrees (111 Farenheintt for all the ones who uses this conversion). You not only have to drink so much water but a hat is necessary. Let’s just add that more than two hours in the sun is THE impossible.

On that hot Saturday, we were heading to the Dolphin Reef. This area was a huge activity center where dolphins came close right in their natural habitat. The water is open to them and they could go further in the sea if they wanted to. We got there not knowing where to go and what to do. Everyone was so charming and welcoming; we wanted to stay forever!

The Dolphin Reef is built with wooden infrastructure making the place so authentic and unique. There are colorful chairs, couches in the middle of leaves, flowers and tropical trees. The sea is all around therefore, you can never have a bad view!

I was pretty nervous about going diving again since my ears popped the last time I went. Thankfully, it was a successful experience that I will truly never forget. The staff were great with instructions and the practice of it. Your instructor is always nearby and holds your hand during the 30 minutes under water. You basically are never let go of and so, you are safe!

In the water, you will see dolphins all around. Swimming towards you, turning on their back, and smiling. They are such fun and nice creatures, you just want to give it a kiss I swear!

Relaxation Pools

After our dive, we had booked a massage in the relaxation pools. Yes, the Dolphin Reef also has a spa section which is UNREAL. Guys, when I say that this is the best massage I’ve ever gotten, you can trust me!

The selections of pools are diverse. There is one pool with sea salt water, one with fresh water and one with Dead Sea salt water (yes, you float)!

We got our massage in the sea salt water. Let me explain you how it works! You are laying flat on your back on the water while someone holds you and moves you around slowly. There is relaxing music in the water and so it is impossible for you not to leave this place as calm as ever.

This place was a paradise on earth. I wish I could write more about it all but I don’t want to bore you guys! Next up will be one delicious restaurant I went to in Eilat! You all better go if you visit it there. Xx

If you want to book something at the Dolphin Reef, make sure to do so here.