Just keep swimming

Scuba diving in the bahamas… something you need to do!






If you guys are constant readers, you should know that my last article was about diving. More like me jumping out of the boat with my bigger-than-me bottle of oxygen and palms stuck. I looked like a cute penguin.

In the Water

In the water, I felt so light and I completely forgot about the bottle of oxygen, thank god. And so, our diving begun.

A sort of ladder was attached to the boat we jumped off. It helped us make our way further down in the ocean. Each meter we went down, we had to stop a bit to stabilize our body with the pressure of the water.

Slowly but surely, we all made it all the way down. My feet, I mean, my palms, touched the wet and grainy sand of the bottom of the ocean. It was such a crazy view, it’s a complete different world down there. Everywhere I turned, fish and other marine creatures were swimming around me, touching my diving suit.

I touched what I could, but all the fish were swimming so quickly it was kind of impossible to. We then swam to an ancient stone where Christophe Colombus’ name was written on, because he was the one that renamed the island San Salvador.

After 30 minutes of swimming and seeing the most incredible things ever, it was time to get our way back up to the boat. After slowly going up the ladder, I made it to the surface and breathed the fresh air I’m so used to breath!

Oh and, I saw no sharks whatsoever. It made my diving experience much better because I totally would have freaked if I saw one in front of my face. However, I’m looking forward to going swimming with them some other times!

Scared of the ocean? Of sharks? Of breathing in a weird tube ? Don’t! After training in a pool, you just want to dive in the ocean already. It just takes a little push and you will be ready to swim as fast as a fish!

What was your diving experience like?