If you’re in the mood for some fresh sashimi and avocado maki, you better put on some clothes and head to Sushi Marché, located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

My favourite thing to take there is the ”chirashi salmon” which is a bowl of rice with all sorts of salmon in it such as fresh salmon, cooked salmon and some fish eggs like you can see above. Everything on the menu is good, so whatever you will order, you will want to order again! The tuna bowl is also one of my fave, but I rather just pick salmon instead!

The miso soup as a starter is also beyond delicious and will warm you on a cold and rainy day in the city of love!

The Restaurant

Sushi Marché has the cutest restaurant because of it’s size and staff. There will always be people in the restaurant which brings a good atmosphere to your lunch or dinner time. The service is excellent and know that whatever the issue is, the waiter will make whatever is best for you!

Have you had sushi in Paris? If yes, I’d love to know where because I wonder what other place can beat this one! A big thanks Sushi Marché, I will definitely come back

20 Rue Mirabeau, 75016 Paris