Did you ever go river cruising in France or need to know tips to travel in Australia?

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In this third volume of Your Travels on BrandTravels, you will learn more about river cruising in France, the city of love! You will also know that is the best way to travel to Australia, now that’s cool!

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Why France is Amazing for River Cruise

Story by Marie Nieves

France is a beautiful, romantic country dotted with medieval castles, aromatic vineyards, breathtaking mountains and a blue seaside, and it really offers only beauty everywhere you look. Many visitors decide to get familiar with France the traditional way, and not many think of boats as perfect transportation means to explore and enjoy this country. But, guess what? They should, because only from the river can you truly appreciate and soak up the beautiful sceneries France has to offer.

France offers many different cruising experiences, but Canal du Midi barge cruise is probably the best one. Canal du Midi is one of the oldest European canals that is still operational. It is located in the south of France and it runs from Toulouse to Etang de Thau. Your barge will take you along the beautiful plane trees, romantic bridges and amazing scenery you’ll never forget. The idyllic Canal du Midi cruise also offers excursions where you can disembark to explore many charming and picturesque medieval towns and castles. If you don’t want to visit all of them, at least make sure to explore the medieval castle, La Cité, at Carcassonne. It’s one of the best-preserved medieval castles in Europe which earned it a UNESCO World Heritage site title.

Most of the cruises in France will softly pass at least one vineyard, so wine lovers, don’t miss the opportunity to drink your favourite wine right from the source. For instance, there are many small vineyards in South France along the Canal du Midi, so you can taste and buy quality wine practically from the water.

You can experience all this and more if you decide to explore France by boat. This county offers many cruise lines, and whichever you choose, you won’t regret your decision. Viva la France!

The Best Way to Travel Around Australia

Story by Derek Lotts

Measuring over seven million square kilometres, Australia is one big chunk of a country. Many people think twice before venturing all across the continent. Huge distances often mean high transportation costs and a lot of precious holiday time spent on the road. Still, every way of travelling the Oz has its perks.

Australia by Plane

Flying usually means choosing between Qantas and Virgin, as they service most of the country’s destinations. There’s also Tiger Airways, a budget carrier that often has a lot of sales and budget deals. Still, with so few carriers, flying is expensive. When they joke about it being cheaper to fly abroad than around their country, Australians aren’t joking.

Australia by Train

Railroads cover much of Australia and trains are a convenient, affordable and scenic way of experiencing Australia’s many picturesque landscapes. TrainLink operates between Sydney and the hubs of New South Wales. TransWA steams on around Western Australia. Spectacular rail journeys like The Ghan and Indian Pacific sweep across the continent offering a sense of comfort and nostalgic romance.

Australia by Car

Australia’s vast and well-maintained road network offers some of the most beautiful road trip opportunities in the world. Car rental companies are located at all major airports and central cities, but you can also buy a cheap used car and share the cost among the travellers. Whether you are travelling in your own car, one you just bought, or a fried-out Kombi, it always pays off to have a mobile mechanic on speed dial, for just in case.

Whichever way of travelling Australia you choose, plan your journey and expenses wisely. Outside busy corridors on the East coast, travel is expensive and you can easily end up paying more than you thought.