If this post doesn't make you want to live in a pink house like these, I don't know

The Perfect Afternoon: Rainbow Burano


Hello Burano.

For our last day in Venice, we decided to hop into a boat and head to Burano, the cutest little island in the Venetian lagoon. If you are ever stopping by in Venice, this island is ย totally must! Free your afternoon and visit this place no matter what your plans are!

  1. If you can, leaving in the morning is the best time. You can then get there an hour after getting into to boat, stroll around the island, take pictures and have lunch before heading back to Venice.
  2. Make sure to have memory on your phone, you will WANT to take pictures guaranteed!
  3. Even though the boat doesn’t really move on the way there and back, make sure to get nausea pills if you get sea sick often. Better safe than sorry!

What to Expect

Burano was really extraordinary and I would totally go back again, even an hour is more than enough. The canal is mostly empty and not a lot of boats are moving so you will be sure to get a quiet day visiting. The restaurants are a bit everywhere and no matter which one you go to, they will have pastas, pizzas and any kind of wines you want.

Something that warmed my heart when visiting Burano: seeing old ladies just putting their laundry outside their doors, grandfathers watering plants and saying hello to us while passing by their windows. The people living there are so cute and warm, they will welcome you with a smile up to their ears.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Have you ever been to Burano?ย