There is so many things to say about NEU Table.

First off, NEU Table rents out spaces in Herzliya and are open every Thursday nights. That’s their great concept! Second, all IDC students get 10% off their meals. Another reason why everyone should come eat there!

The Meal and Drinks

Food is just my thing! Anyone who knows me know that I love everything except for eggplants. I know super random! Josh from NEU Table messaged me at the beginning of the week and told me to come try out the menu. I could have not let this opportunity pass by so I confirmed with him that I would be here this Thursday.

We started with cocktails. One sangria and one special from the chef himself! There was watermelon inside and some tequila; kind of a cool mix!


Next up, came the SUMMER SALAD. A mixed crispy leaf salad with watermelon carpaccio, shallot and radish rings. There was also some yellow tomato, beetroot rings and all mixed with a mint lemon dressing.

We then got everything at once on the table. I didn’t know where to start; everything looked SO amazing! And it all was!

The GEORGIAN DIM SUN was excellent. It was assorted of freshly made lamb with Georgian inspired flavours, spicy tomato sauce and herb cream. Up next we got the LASAGNE BALAGAN. Specifically, hand made pasta with a creamy tomato sauce, topped with slow cooked beef rags, summer roasted vegetables and crops pangritata. All drizzled with basil oil. I hope you guys are drooling by reading all of it.

After that, we got the two last dishes, the DREAMY BRUSCHETTA and THE MIDDLE EASTERN AMERICAN. The Bruschetta consisted of a beef slow and tenderly cooked overnight in red wine. It had a sauce layered on fresh bsuchetta with garlic confit agile and summer gremolata. The other dish was a juicy BBQ chicken fillet arranged on onion infused flatbread, garnished with sumac onion lemon tahini, mixed herbs and BBQ oil. A real deliciousness guys!

The Dessert

Last but not least, because you can never leave a restaurant without dessert, THE CHOCOLATE BONBON DELIGHT. I really don’t know how I even had a bite of these. I was so enormously full from the meal but I had to taste one! This desert was three types of deep truffles. One dipped in white chocolate, another swirled in dark one and the last sprinkled with hazelnuts.

And that’s a wrap! Apart from the food, the service was quick and wonderful. I was always asked if I needed something else, if everything was good and if I wasn’t missing anything.

To all of you students living in Herzliya, this is where you should come on your Thursday nights! Let’s also not forget to mention that NEU Table is kosher! One last big thank you to Jacob for cooking these delicious goodies and thank you to Josh for inviting me there last night!

Can’t wait to see you all there, xx

8 Ha-Menofim Street. Herzliya, Israel