Feeling at Home at Pasta Casareccia

So if you guys know me, I’m a pasta addict. I could literally have it for lunch and dinner everyday for the rest of my life. That’s weird I know. I usually love eating it at home since I like it to be ‘aldente’ with a LOT of cheese. But luckily, I found a place in Montreal that I will definitely eat my pasta at all the time now!

Welcome to Pasta Casareccia, where the pastas are homemade, with a fresh dough and sauce. The menu is so diverse, there are so many different pastas style such as raviolis, aggnolis, penne, spaghettis and more! The sauces are also endless. From tomato sauce to bolognese, everything is amazing and tasty!

The place is quite something, it is small but can really fit a bunch of people in! The service is also quick and no matter what you ordered, you will not have to wait a long time to get it. Make sure not to eat a lot of bread before cause trust me, you WANT to have an empty stomach to eat all those pastas.

Are you also a pasta addict like me?

5849 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal