To celebrate the end of my finals and second year of University, my girl friends and I decided to have dinner at Pankina, a new Italian restaurant that opened in Tel Aviv.

It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten Italian food I got to admit. I do make pasta at home but I rather go to Asian and Japanese restaurants when I go out to dinner.

What to Get

Pankina is a restaurant located right in the center of Tel Aviv. There are a lot of seats outside with fans when it is boiling hot. The menu is diverse and has all of the Italian specialities. I really didn’t know what to order for 20 minutes. And that’s SO unlike me. I went with something super simple, penne with a rosée sauce. We got a caprese salad to share for starters and got risotto fried balls on the house!

It was all outstanding and the pasta were perfectly cooked. The only thing I think I need to criticize is the price. It was relatively expensive for what we took. I think because the place is Kosher but who knows! The salads were all in he 40 NIS, the appetizers ranged from 23 to 69 NIS. As for the pasta, it all depends on what you’re getting.

Anyways, it is definitely a place you should all go to if you are in the mood for some delicious Italian!

What’s everyone favourite kind of food? Italian? Chinese? Would love to know, xx

J. L. Gordon St 39, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel