Do you love beer as much as I love traveling? If you answered yes to this question, JEM’S is THE perfect place for you to sit and grab a beer with a toast on the side.



After a long flight back to Israel, I couldn’t wait to see my friends again who told me we should all go to JEM’S to taste their beer and I couldn’t say no!

The place is so small that it becomes quickly full, if you’re coming with a lot of people, I really suggest you come before 9pm, but luckily, my friends and I got our seats right away. The waitress was the kindest and funniest person ever, gave us some beer samples but told us not to get used to it because this one’s unfortunately not on the menu.

As a beer amateur, I actually really loved the sample she gave us; it was sweet and perfect for my beer taste. I then got a chicken sandwich with chipotle sauce, black fresh olives, lettuce and other things I can’t remember was inside but was so delicious.

The vibe was so fun, the music was playing loud but perfect for a good laugh with friends, the beer was cold and so refreshing since it is still so hot in Israel at the moment.

I would definitely go back and I’d love to hear about everyone’s stories at JEM’s so don’t forget to leave a comment! Oh, take a quick look at the menu in the pictures and read all about the beers they have, they all seem too good right?

Brener St 6, Ra’anana

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