Travelling to Amsterdam in March only means one thing: DO NOT FORGET YOUR WINTER COAT

Good Morning Amsterdam!

Hi guys, we landed in Amsterdam! This city is such a cool one I have to say. Very different from all the other European countries I’ve visited but I am in love!


I couldn’t title this post with any other names because Amsterdam was, well it was Amsterdam. I travelled with my boyfriend and we spent the best week together just visiting a new place and seeing the craziest things!

Our flight was at 4 am so we pulled an all-nighter, something I don’t usually do. We landed in the morning, dropped our luggages in the hotel, packed a bag and left out in the city. Our location was perfect: five minute walk from Vondelpark and ten minutes away from the city.

We just strolled around, staying close to the hotel, just to get a sense of where we where without getting to adventurous on the first day! It was the perfect afternoon and the fresh air really got to us. We didn’t really come prepared for this kind of weather so we went to buy winter jackets right away.

I wore five layers, I repeat FIVE layers every single day cause it was so cold! Nevertheless, we were ready to visit the Heineken Factory tomorrow! Stay tuned everyone

Thanks for stopping by today, xx