Maybe it’s something that Israelis like doing but it’s not the first time that my food arrives on a brown paper and I’m totally digging this concept! I mean, it’s fun for us to eat and easy for them to clean out the plate afterwards ha!

You can find many cool places in Central Tel Aviv and I was lucky enough to find out about this place through Instagram posts that my friend posted. The menu is diverse, filled with cool Middle Eastern meals and dishes. The drinks vary from coffees, to fresh juices which I both got as you can see below. The ‘Bucke Plate’ was really something I wanted since it’s small portions of a few things and I think that’s the most fun to eat! As you can see, the scrambled eggs, salad, tuna, tahini, cheese and potatoes were all incredibly good. Even though my roommate and I couldn’t breath anymore because we were so full, we still were crazy enough to order a dessert: the famous french toast aside with Nutella, sour cream and other toppings.

We finished it in exactly 6 minutes and I’m not surprised because it was TOO good! I highly recommend this place to anyone. Down for a cute little lunch in the heart of Tel Aviv? Perfect You can also bring your computer and study there, I saw plenty of people doing that!

Thanks for stopping by today, xx

91 Ahad Ha’Am Street Tel Aviv-Yafo

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