Did you know these animals can last 10 days in the desert without water?

Did you also know they pee on themselves to cool down on a hot, dry, sunny day?

Today, I headed to Dimona to visit the Camel Ranch they have there. Last time I went camel riding was 5 years ago so I completely forgot the sensation of being on one that walks an hour in the desert. And let me tell you all that this will be an hour of laughters and surprises! Did you also know a camel can pick up 300 kilos on its back? You just don’t feel as bad sitting on them when you know this information before hand ha!

The Ranch

The ranch is small, with little houses where you can sleep one night if you want. The staff is nice and will even offer you some tea after the camel ride; you will not be able to say no!

If you guys are ready for a road trip with friends, head over to the closest train station and you will get there in about two hours; it is totally worth it!

Don’t miss out on the funny clips and close ups I got of the camels!

Negev Camel Ranch, Dimona