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The Bahamas. A great place for vacation, relaxation and the most peaceful getaway.

And just like that, my trip to the Bahamas came to an end. We left the island early in the morning, the sky was still a bit grey as you can see above in the pictures. I was really sad to leave San Salvador as it relaxed me for an entire week leaving me bronzed skinned and happy. On our way to the airport, I couldn’t help but laugh at the size of the duty free! I mean, it could be a doll house, how cute is it? The custom was even tinier and the plane we took back to Nassau, was as small!

I think the highlight of my trip was the sunsets. It was the most unreal thing I’ve ever seen. The colors, warmth of the sun coming down, everything about it was perfect.

As much as I hate flying, it is always the best feeling when you land back home. Do you guys have a fear of flying too? Any tips would be much recommended! I usually try to meditate, breath and just remind myself that I am safe here.

This is definitely not a goodbye to the Bahamas but only a see you soon! I will be back!

Can you guess where I’m headed off next? Xx

The Bahamas

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