My First Week Living as a New Yorker

So this is my FIRST official blog post that I am writing here in the heart of New York City. I have so much to say, so much to show you all but I will keep it short for today.

As you probably saw on my Instagram, I’ve changed my filters, changed my pictures, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I have tried out different outfits, got A LOT of goodies shipped to promote, try out and more. I also have been networking and speaking to many different people about my marketing strategies. And thankfully, I have found a good one which I will be talking to you guys about when it is further developed.

This post, is dedicated my first week living as a New Yorker. Here are 5 things I have learned since I have been living in this concrete jungle.

1. It’s overwhelming, but you can do it

When you walk through New York City, it feels like you are one little dot in this wild, insane, and huge city. And if you’ve walked around the city, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about! It’s very overwhelming, and intense, but you can do it! It just gets better day after day.

2. You can be whoever you want to be

Get in the streets of New York and look around you. You will find people who are dressed in the most unique way. Things you’ve never seen before. The best of all? There are every style you may think of. Hippies, casual chic, business attire, no clothes at all (JK). I’ve even countered someone dressed as Pikachu on a Monday morning.

3. New Yorkers aren’t rude

I was walking home the other day and someone screamed to me to get off of my phone while crossing the street. My first thought was: HOW RUDE! But no, they aren’t rude! They are right! Why would I be stupid enough to be on my phone while crossing the street? And why would I be looking down at my screen when I could be looking up at these beautiful skyscrapers?

4. It’s alright to just do nothing

I’ve been feeling guilty by the lack of exploring I have been doing since I got here. I am mostly at home, studying, writing, working on my blog and my Instagram and going to school. I know it sounds lame and sad, but you know what? It’s alright to just do nothing from times to times and I’ve learned to cope with that.

5. Networking, networking and more networking

New York City is one of the best city to NETWORK. So if you are here, even if it’s for a week visit, speak with people, learn who they are, why are they here, what to they do, what do they want? Networking is so important and being here a week showed me that. So many people are here in NYC for a reason. Everybody has a story which they are ready to speak about! So get out of your comfort zone and start speaking to people!

I have been here for 3 weeks now. This is what my first week living as a New Yorker taught me, and my second has taught me even more! I cannot wait to see what happens next for me here.

Thanks for reading this post, xx