Let’s Start

On my last blog post, I told you guys I wanted to write more. I’m lucky to have a platform I own and an online site I can write, share, say whatever I want to say with readers all over the world.

I had written my New Years resolutions on paper before January and basically added “write 2x a week on the blog” last week. I am so excited to do so.

My next resolutions are: to be more present and attentive when people speak to me, to do one thing at a time (I multi task way too much), to do things more slowly and take my time, to go to the gym 3 times a week, and one last which I cannot remember.

Miami Bound

Last week, I flew to Miami with my roommate. We had the perfect vacation of balancing resting by the beach and going out like crazy. We went for a week but it seriously felt like 2 days. If vacations go by quick, does it mean it’s a lot of fun?

I genuinely told myself I would pack light but I ended up taking half of my closet…once again. That should really be a New Years resolutions! During the day, I put together boho-chic outfits with flowy summer dresses and colorful turbans. I also found bell bottoms pants at Zara for only 12$! There were the craziest of sales in Miami. I paired those with a white cropped T-shirt when we visited Wynnwood Walls. At night, I played with glitter skirts and body suits which was a successful outfit! You can see all of my outfits and adventures on my Instagram. 

If you are planning a trip to Miami I HIGHLY recommend these places: Baoli, Makoto, Villa Azur, and Juice & Java! You will thank me later.

Back to the Routine

I am now back in New York City, downloading the newest songs and listening to the funny podcasts I’ve recently found. I’m starting school again this week and will finally get back into my fashion readings! I’ve been following Fashion Week from up close and I am totally obsessed with all of the shows so far – especially Schiaparelli. It is all flowers, colors, textured layers of all kinds and seriously incredible. You can find it here. 

Hopefully everybody has had a good break, an amazing New Years and ready to go back to work/school! I know I am! I cannot wait to see what this semester will bring me. Xx