First day in the craziest but most amazing city in the world!

New York has always been one of my favourite city. The energy, dynamism, animation and vivacity of the people that live there always surprises and impresses me! Do people actually never get to sleep? Whenever I turn my head I see people running on the right, over the phone on the left, everyone is always busy doing something here.

Feeling at Home

I really feel at home when I’m visiting New York City since I always am a lively person that always is doing something. So the flight from Montreal was really quick and short, thank god, it only took about an hour and a half. My family and I checked in our hotel, showered and changed. I didn’t have time to unpack so I took the first thing I saw in my suitcase which was a white tank from Zara and my favourite pair of patterned shorts. You can never walk around a full day in New York City with sandals or heels, at least I don’t know how some women manage to walk around in heels the entire day, so I put on my Nike light grey sneakers right away.

I did a bit of shopping on the first day and by shopping I mean Lindt shopping. Now you all know I’m obsessed with chocolate. The store was screaming for me to go in to taste what they had. I obviously did.

We then passed by the Plaza Hotel, where Gossip Girl was filmed, and cool pop art pieces surrounded the entire entrance with colours just like you can see above.

New York City is magical and otherworldly. Today was only the first day.  It really feels like I did so much in only such a short amount of time. People are in a hurry for everything. This is what I tried doing during my first day, it was successful.