My First NYFW Show

Are you guys ready for a good read? And for a good laugh? Perfect then! I’ll start my story now!

I flew back to Montreal for a few days (I actually left NYC the DAY NYFW started, which I was a little upset about). A few days before coming back to NYC, a friend from class (Kat, you are the best for this) messaged me that she had a ticket for a NYFW show on September 11th at 6PM (the day I got back). I freaked out. I needed to make it and to attend the show. This would be my first ever NYFW show and there was NO WAY I wouldn’t make it.

My flight was at 1:30PM which means I would land at 2:30-3PM, then wait for my luggage, take a cab into the city which would take hours with heavy traffic, and then head over to SoHo. My first thought? I’m never going to make it so I will take an earlier flight!

The Longest Wait of my Life

Because I am a naturally stubborn person, I told myself I would go to the airport and catch the 8AM flight. Flights from Montreal to NYC are almost every hour so I was persuaded it would be fine.

8AM? Fully booked!

10AM? Over booked!

They were even asking if people would volunteer to take the next flight because it was so full.

So picture this, I got to the airport at 7AM and I waited there for 6 HOURS, to end up taking my original flight.

You can find my funny IG stories in my nyfw highlights.

Back in NYC

After landing, I rushed out of the plane, picked up my suitcase and told the cab driver to drive as fast as possible (Sorry Mom) And oh boy did he drive fast! I got home in 20 minutes from Laguardia, I think this is a world’s record!

I don’t take long to get ready usually but this time, I literally took 2 minutes to find a NYFW outfit, curl my hair, and put on makeup. At this point, the show was in an hour and it took 30 minutes to get down to SoHo.

There was SO much traffic going there. I was persuaded I would miss it all. And then, just like that. 30 minutes before the show was about to start, ALL the traffic disappeared and I got to Spring Studios!

The Show

I was sitting front row seeing Dan Liu’s collection and it was a dream. I was shaking the entire time (so lame I know) because I just couldn’t believe I was actually there! I met SO many bloggers, influencers, people in the field that I love most and it was so great to network with everybody. The clothes were beautiful and the SS19 collection to die for!

I will NEVER forget this experience. And next year, I will be sure NOT to fly during NYFW! Xx