Meet Mia

When I first walked into Mia’s apartment and studio, I fell in love immediately!

I am a person of arts and creativity too, so in full honesty, I could have stayed the entire day making arts with her; the place was super inspiring to work at!

But how did Mia get started?

First of all, she studied arts and design. She paints, does portraits and used to do graphic design. She worked in a paediatric hospitals during a summer camp with kids that have life treating illnesses and made art with them.

Her entire family is in the field of art. Mia’s mom has an art business where you paint and drink, right you just want to try it out? And her grandmother was a huge influence on her art inspiration.

Basically, everybody is working in art in Mia’s family. However, something made her start mosaic specifically.

The LED Plate That Inspired Her

When Mia’s great-grandmother, who was a painter, passed away at the age 104, she gave Mia her LED paint plates. No one wanted them because it isn’t safe to eat out of LED paint plates anymore. Mia got them and said she didn’t want to eat from those either. But she wanted to do something with these bright yellow plates.

Then, she started working with this street artist in Philadelphia, Isaiah Zagar, to learn how to mosaic. She didn’t sit down and just learn mosaic. She was working right on the field of mosaics. She came back, completely and totally into mosaics knowing this is what she needed to do.

She says mosaic freezes you. If you drop a cup, you aren’t upset anymore, it is art! Mia’s right! Imagine breaking something at home… There’s not reason to be sad anymore, you can literally make something out of it!

While Mia was working in Boston, she was making big mosaics for friends but she never worked a big wall piece like the ones there are right now in Tel Aviv.

When she moved to Israel, she dropped the arts and started working at a startup called “EatWith”. The startup was good, but little did she know, Mia was going to go on a trip that would change her life journey!

Traveling to Barcelona changed her! She came back to Israel totally inspired to make mosaics! She started her first wall piece downstairs of her apartment, as you can see on the first picture above. And from this piece down her apartment, an article was written about her artwork, and since, Mia has been unstoppable ever since!

My favourite quotes from Mia:

“I look for walls all the time and everywhere”

“I’ve always been interested in crazy colours”

“When I do mosaic on the street, I try to get it done really fast. I want it to not there and be there”

“My goal is to make beautiful things around the city and if it has a message, it is even better”

Always Smiling!

There is one thing that really made me so happy about Mia: she is an artist who’s smile is contagious and even though I only met her for a few hours, I can tell she has a heart of gold.

If you guys have been strolling around Tel Aviv, you probably have seen her beautiful art all over. There is one next to the Carlton hotel (which is my favorite), one on Nahalat Benyamin (my second favorite), a big one on Rothschild 10, which I haven’t seen yet and finally, and another 5 feet one in Mevasseret Tzion, near Jerusalem.

If you are interested in making mosaic with Mia, her workshops are all linked here.

Instagram: @mosaicwithmia