Just holding a giant snake


Say hello to the Monkland Fest!

Only twice in a year, Montreal’s busiest street closes down for cars and bikes, to let everyone walk and enjoy the Monkland Fest! The Fest lasts for a week and it is everything you could imagine being.

What’s There?

The entire Monkland Street is filled with food trucks, drinking booth, cool animals you can put on your shoulders, just like I put up a giant snake on mine! They also had spiders you could hold… no thanks!
There are places you can put on face paint, buy cool clothes and even get free caps or shirts! I put face makeup on last year because I thought it would look nice with what I was wearing!

This is not only a day event, but also a full night one! So many people walk around and enter the many restaurants all around, it is really unreal! It is an event everyone looks forward in Montreal. It marks the beginning of Fall, and the beginning of Spring.
If you happen to be in Montreal during Monkland Fest, you better go, trust me on this one! It is such a cute family event too, you can bring your little brother and sister, they will love it!

Monkland Street, Montreal Canada