So many painting and yet, I was very excited to see one in particular.

On this rainy day today, we decided to take a visit at Le Louvre, one of the biggest museum in Paris. All the famous painters have their paintings hung up there. The painting I wanted to see most was the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. If you scroll down, you will see how tiny it actually is! I wish they had warned me before!

The museum opens in the morning but we went in the late afternoon which was the best idea ever since there was no line to enter and get a ticket! Heads up if you’re European, you get a free entrance; too bad I didn’t have my French passport on me!

What to see?

We saw famous sculptures, paintings of all sorts and the visit was quite extraordinary. There is WiFi in the museum and restaurants you can sit at. It is a fully equipped museum for the thousands of people who come in and out. The average time to visit this place is literally a full day and that’s why you need to head over there knowing who and what you want to see!

Many more exciting things to come, stay tuned everyone! xx

75001 Paris