A lunch in Israel is simply like no others… and I am not talking about the food only but more about the crowd, the vibe and atmosphere of it all. This will definitely be the most memorable meal you will have in Israel. Don’t believe me? Just keep on scrolling!

Ha’achim, a restaurant located on Ibn Gabirol, is one special place where you can only have reservations for dinner if you call two weeks in advance. This is why I spontaneously went during lunch time and even though it wasn’t dark and full of neon and night decorations, the ambience was spectacular.

The Food

We started the meal with tons of starters. Name it, Ha’achim has it all! From Israeli salads, mini zucchinis, beetroots with feta but to also fried artichokes, some hummus, Labane, spicy tomatoes, some fresh pita and tasty eggplant. It was a never ending first course! As for the course meal, we were too full to get something. JUST KIDDING!

We all got a burger with french fries. You can switch up the side dish and chose potatoes, rice or salads on the side too. Their lunch menu is different than the dinner one. If you can, head over there during daytime and night time to see the difference! If you are feeling adventurous and want to taste a different and unusual burger, you are at the right place! Ha’achim has an Israeli burger with ingredients that you wouldn’t think go in a burger.

At this place, the service is excellent, the music is loud, the decoration is on point, every corner of the restaurant will make you feel at home and ready for an outstanding meal you will definitely not forget.

Calling all Israelis to head to Ha’achim after reading this post! xx

Ibn Gabirol St 12, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6407714