Morning on the High Line and lunch at the Chelsea Market, basically the entire day in the Meatpacking District, how can my love for New York grow any bigger! I mean, this city has everything and anything you’re looking for.

The District

Today was so sunny. We figured it would be the perfect morning to walk the entire High Line. It was unfortunately, not all open because of the snow that had just fallen next to it. Some spots that are usually so cool to see during the summer were not there now. The walk was fantastic either way!

For lunch, we entered the Chelsea Market and headed to the food booth to think about what to eat. SO MANY OPTIONS! I went to Very Fresh Noodles. It is a booth that has fresh noodles pulled by hands aside with beef and veggies. It was so yum! I got a pressed juice right next to it that contained apple, pineapple and cayenne pepper, I really want to make it at home someday!

The rest of our day was relaxing and we were going in and out of those unique stores there is in the Meatpacking District. I also really wanted to go see the Whitney Museum of American Art cause I heard such good things about it and that’s where we headed next!

Stay tuned for a blog post on that museum tomorrow, xx