Hello everybody! So this is it. The first segment of a new project I’m starting. Back in 2016, I remember when I had just created BrandTravels, and I wanted to have a dedicated section for interviews. It’s because I’ve always been fondly fascinated by young entrepreneurs who have projects they work on. I never went through with it but I felt like it was the good time now. Living in New York City, I feel like people here are so motivated and ambitious. I knew I had to share all of it the world.

Meet Emily from WhatsEmilyDoing

Emily is a 23 years old New York resident who started WhatsEmilyDoing a few years ago with a main focus on food. Her Instagram grew bigger and Emily switched to a more lifestyle and fashion kind of feed. Her most recent project involves a podcast, WhatsEmilySaying which dives into a sort of survival kit living in New York City as young adults. Here is her interview! Don’t forget, if you are a young entrepreneur, blogger, or a driven person with a project, you could be featured too. Make sure to send me an email with your name and your project.

Tell us who you are…

Hi! My name is Emily, I’m a full time NYC resident, part time millennial blogger/podcaster/”influencer”. I’m 23 years old, a scorpio (watch out), and I run the Instagram account @whatsemilydoing and the newly released podcast What’s Emily Saying.

Tell us more about your podcast…

I listen to a lot of podcasts and I recently felt like I couldn’t find any that talked about “life stuff” for people in their 20’s. There’s a lot of dating podcasts out there but nothing that encompassed everything else. My friends and I spend the majority of our weekends talking about everything from paychecks to hookups so I figured why not start my own and talk about it.

What makes “What’s Emily Saying” stand out?

I try to make the show very conversational and authentic. It’s literally me and my guests sitting on my couch talking. We don’t use a script, so listeners can genuinely feel like they’re there with us in the convo. And like I said previously, I feel like this is an untapped podcast sector. Or maybe I just didn’t look around hard enough lol.

What got you started?

I was tired of listening to the same podcasts every week, so I started asking my friends what they listened to and all of the topics were the same: dating shows, crime & mystery cases, and business related episodes. But none of my friends were listening to millennial-focused podcasts about everyday stuff: staying healthy, saving money, first dates, etc.

What do you love most about the podcast?

I love reading the DMs I get every time I drop a new episode. It’s reassuring to know that the episode topics are so relatable.

What are the challenges?

Probably thinking of new things to talk about. I’ve only done 7 episodes and I’m already scared I’m going to run out of content! But the good thing having all of my followers is that when I’m in a creative rut, I’ll put a poll on my Instagram and people respond with topic ideas for inspo.

What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects? Any new episodes for the podcast?

I’m excited to continue growing my Instagram and Podcast audiences. If anyone has any topics they want me to discuss, feel free to slide into my DMs 🙂

How do we find you?

All of my social media is @whatsemilydoing: Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify, Poshmark & Pinterest and probably other platforms I forgot to mention. My podcast Instagram is @whatsemilysaying and you can find the podcast on Spotify and iTunes!

Quicker Questions…

Dream city? To visit? Sydney, Australia. To live? NYC!

Biggest pet peeve? Mean people

Guilty pleasure? Ice cream. Or puppies.

Biggest accomplishment? Perfect attendance in 2nd grade.

One word that describes you? Unpredictable

I met Emily for maybe 10 minutes to get this picture taken and I could just feel her positive energy & fun vibes already. It was so nice meeting up a blogger my age living in the city. This is the power of social media, since I found @whatsemilydoing a few months ago and fell in love with its content. And don’t get me started on the podcast… What are you guys waiting for if you haven’t heard it yet?!

Want to be featured next?

As I said above, send me an email with your name and project idea! You can reach me on sharon@brandtravels.com. Xx