Only place where you have no notion of time, welcome to Times Square

Why skip visiting Times Square if you’re in New York City? It would truly be the biggest mistake you could do ah!  I don’t know where to start when explaining how this place is.

What to See

The only thing that comes fresh into my mind is that no matter what time of the day it is, the screens will always be lit up and full of motion and videos for you! When I went to Times Square at around 1am, I felt like it was sunny with a giant blue sky because the screens are so wide and bright!

You have no notion of time when you’re there, it’s pretty crazy. Once you’re fully in the middle of Times Square, walk in the best M&Ms shop and get all your favorite M&Ms of every color in your plastic bag. At least that’s what I did and let me tell you that my luggage was pretty heavy because of it.

If you’re up to shop, all the stores are gigantic. It might take you over an hour to stroll and check out the entire Forever 21, H&M and Zara.

People are dressed up as Disney characters all around the place, trying to get you to take pictures with them (it magically works, don’t ask me why), children have candies in one hand and joysticks that light up in the other hand, it’s just a crazy and fabulous place to go see once in your life.

I will always be amazed by all the colors, movement and energy this spot has. It might even give you a headache if you stay too long.

The funny thing about Times Square is that the second you leave, it’s like the world has stopped. There no more noises around you. It feels pretty relaxing actually.

Hopefully will see you soon again Times Square!