How many can agree that this boost of caffeine in the morning is just a must! I don’t know about you all but I cannot start my day without my iced black coffee (no milk, no sugar, that’s right)!

The Coffee Place

I was strolling in Montreal last week and came across this cute café called Café Myriade; it was basically calling me to come inside! I got a cheddar and cranberry scone. I thought would be a weird mix but it actually turned out pretty yum! My friend got the zucchini sort of brioche which was also amazing!

This coffee place had students working on projects. Even workers sitting and catching up with friends. It is the perfect atmosphere to just grab the perfect cup of coffee and write blog posts or chat!

What I really found amazing is that all the pastries they put out for breakfast has some unique touch to it. I mean, I’m sure it exists but I sure never ordered a cheddar and cranberry scone before! All this to say, it is a charming and cozy place to taste new wonderful breakfast pastries and drink great coffee.

I have a lot of upcoming posts coming up about an art gallery I visited, some street art in Saint Laurent and other hidden gems in Montreal before I head back to Tel Aviv! Stay tuned!