No matter the season in Montreal, visiting Le Plateau Mont-Royal is one of the greatest neighbourhood for many different reasons. First, the variety of restaurants there are on each streets are impossible to count. You can always walk in one and eat the most amazing meals. Whatever you want to eat, you can eat it there, trust me. Second, well it is just one of the best neighbourhood to tour in Montreal


So I woke up that morning feeling happy and refreshed. I got my morning black coffee, brushed my teeth and I wanted to wear something different. After deciding, I paired these Hollister patterned shorts with a Zara white button down shirt that has pearls and crystals all around the sleeves. It is so cool to mix-and-match the different styles and motif you have in your closet. For the whole outfit to be perfect, I wore these shoes that also have cool arrangement on them. The colours were perfect to add a little pop of tone to the entire outfit. Of course, I didn’t forget a bag and this one happens to be neon yellow which I find hysterically original!

As my friends and I walked down the Duluth Street, surprised to see so many different graffitis on the walls. Everywhere we turned our head! That was a nice walk.

Talking about restaurants, Le Festin de Babette is where we ate and it is one of my favourite restaurant in Montreal. From Nutella crepes with strawberries and bananas to healthy mozzarella and tomato salads, this place has it all! You can never run out of choice for eating a crepe and you will never be disappointed once you taste that first bite.

Also, I was so inspired after my long day at Le Plateau that I got home and decided to make a collage of cool outfits and fashion designers I liked. Took me about an hour to cut, glue and varnish and it’s now hung up in my room.

If you are a Montrealer or just a tourist visiting the city, don’t forget to walk by and visit Le Plateau, it’ll make your day extra special!