In a small street behind the open air market of Tel Aviv, Shuk Hacarmel as we all know it, lays the cutest small restaurant. Ladies and gents, you won’t be disappointed with this one, trust me! Welcome to Miznon Getzel! A restaurant full of small and fresh dishes as well as layers of cakes of different sorts.

I headed to Tel Aviv, nauseous and sleepy since I barely slept the night before. Eating cake just didn’t sound appealing to me at that moment yet, I couldn’t resist! After tasting the lentil, zucchini and tomato and caesar salad bowls, my friends and I ordered so many cakes we couldn’t move afterwards. All the meals were perfectly prepared and definitely had fresh ingredients in.

The Cakes

We first got the strawberry one, then the berries and sour cream and later on came the chocolate. Even if you are not a cake person, you will not be able to resist those I can guarantee you.

As for the place itself, you will not resist the charm of Miznon Getzel since it is cozy, small with an open kitchen and counter to order. The decoration is friendly and welcoming! This restaurant just screams your name to come in I swear!

Apart from this amazing place, I’ve been super busy juggling with school homework, my blog, my 21st birthday last week and articles I need to write here and there. I’m also super excited for my PechaKucha speech that is June 15th in Jerusalem! Even though I am preparing my speech perfectly, I am super nervous about speaking to a huge crowd so any tips would be AMAZING!

Thanks for stopping by today, you guys are truly the best! xx

Rabbi Meir St 21, Tel Aviv-Yafo