How much do you guys love Manhattan?

On my last day in the best city in the world, I only had the morning to run my last errands before flying back to Montreal. I wasted no time that’s for sure since I woke up at 7 am to get my day started as early as possible.

Where I Got Breakfast

Before heading out to the little streets I absolutely adore, I got breakfast at Eric Kayser, one of the best breakfast place in New York. The bread is so fresh and the chef is French so he definitely knows how to put a smile on everyone’s face early in the morning.

I also passed by one pastry shop and couldn’t help but get a cake for the way, as you can see below, the cake was amazing. I passed by this toy store that had the cutest Boo dog to sleep with! So fluffy and cute!

Finally, I arrived to the best mini cupcakes in the city, baked by Melissa. If you never had some before, I really suggest you stop by when visiting New York, these cupcakes are really too good.

And as my morning was coming to an end, I headed back to the hotel, packed my suitcase and hopped on my flight back to Montreal! It was the best week in New York and I sure will be back soon!

Would love to hear about your experiences and days in the city, leave a comment below. Xx