Thank you Mandy’s!

There’s nothing better than eating a healthy, fresh and green salad after a post-workout. Thankfully, Mandy’s have the best salads in Montreal. The menu is so diverse, there are at least 30 different choices of salads you can chose from. If you rather make your own, like me, then you can do that too!

My personal fave is the full kale salad with tomatoes, mushroom, corn, hearts of palms, cranberries and chicken. It is so good, so fulling and the perfect healthy lunch to fill me up until dinner. The service is quick, the place is artsy and cozy, everything about it is perfect. I literally cannot go back to Montreal and not come here. Last April, I came once a week and I still wasn’t tired of it. There’s something about this place I am telling you guys!

Founded in 2004, the two sisters Mandy and Rebbeca Wolfe created Mandy’s and really succeeded in making this spot the new lunch restaurant for everyone! There’s a restaurant on Sherbrooke, on Crescent Downtown and they just opened a new one in the Old Port of Montreal. Which one did you guys to?

Thanks for stopping by today, xx

2067 Rue Crescent, Montréal, QC H3G 2C1, Canada