The New West Village in New York really became one popular neighbourhood to shop and stroll around. Right in the center of this cute district, my brother and I found Jack’s Wife Freda, on Carmine Street.

Not only did the restaurant look cute, clean and fun to sit at, the food also really seemed healthy and exactly what we were looking for on this sunny day in the city.

The Story

When we were reading the menu, I actually asked myself if the owner of the place is Jack or his wife Freda. Who do you guys think it is? Well, the restaurant is actually named after both, Jack and Freda who met and fell in love. Their grandson is actually the one who opened this mediterranean bistro to remember both his grandparents and their story.

Back to the menu now! The matzo ball soup was crazy good, just like an Ashkenaz grandmother would cook it! We also got the chicken pesto and tomato mozzarella sandwich that really were excellent!

Hope you guys are all able to hit the road and eat at Jack’s Wife Freda, enjoy! xx

50 Carmine St, New York, NY 10014, USA