Instagram is Fake and This is Why

If you clicked the link to read this article, you’re probably wondering why indeed, Instagram is fake, right?

It’s funny because ever since I stopped giving myself the title of a blogger, I’ve been realizing things and putting everything in perspective about it. Being a blogger sucks, but not only that, it is all fake!

Let me explain it all to you!

Back in Israel, I joined Instagram bots, which are basically groups of bloggers (this is when I used to be one) who share their pictures and then leave a comment and a like. If you’re curious what it looks like, just scroll down my IG profile and you will see I used to get over 800 likes + 100 of comments.

I thought that if I got these numbers, more people would be attracted to my account and see I have engagement. Little did I know, this engagement was fake! So I basically left all of these and it’s now been a year that I have bot-free, yay me!

The Big Exposure

What happened next is unreal. Not in a good way. I can’t believe I’m even writing this on a public post which everybody can read. This account, called World Fashion Bloggers or something like this, wanted to repost my pictures. I needed to pay them to get reposted and I gladly agreed because… exposure right?

This account, which ended up being a HUGE spam account, sent me ghost followers, one after the other. I got to 6K, to 7K to 8K and even over 10K back in June! The next morning, while I was checking who followed me, I realized they are all fake accounts. Or ghost followers if that’s how you want to call them. Let me be clear on something, I didn’t want exposure to gain followers. I just wanted people to see my account and get inspired by the work I was doing.

All a Spam

I messaged the account, telling them they basically sent me a bunch of ghost followers but they did not seem to care. I unfollowed one person after the other, went back down to 7K, then a bit back up, then a bit back down. Since yesterday, I’ve been removing more and more ghost followers that are inactive/fake accounts who do not engage on my pictures.

Why am I telling you guys all of this?

I always thought that more people would follow me if they landed on my IG page and saw I had over 10K followers (it’s so sad I was even thinking of that, seriously). I know I’m not wrong, because when someone has over 10K, I am more likely to follow them. But it was, and is, all fake.

Apart from this, I think Instagram is fake because it isn’t the happy-amazing life you guys might see on pictures. You don’t know what the person is going through, you don’t know what is currently happening in their lives, and just remember that no one will ever post a picture of them crying with mascara all over their faces, because social media will always be the happy-surface and superficial place to show all of the good things…

But this my friends, will definitely be talked in another piece of mine!